Breweries & Distilleries

This distillation process has come a long way in the US from the moonshine and bootlegging days of prohibition. This has been amplified with the emergence of new technology enabling “at home” brewers and distillers the means to make their own spirits, many times at their own risk. 

Industrial Brewery Tanks & Distillery Piping

For the professional brewer and distillers, these advancements meant that quality piping components were a major requirement. Moving the raw materials through piping process systems required durable and dependable metal, ie: stainless steel process piping. Material storage tanks require pumps and piping able to maintain stability with viscous products. Boilers for cooking the raw product must be fired with gas or oil. In other words, there is a multitude of process piping, heat exchangers and process tanks that are required to house and move the raw material in order to produce our lovely spirits.

Stainless Steel Process Piping: Process piping is used to convert liquids, chemicals, fuels, gases or other raw materials into a suitable product. Just directing water through a stainless steel piping system is not pi[ping process. Process piping moves the water into processes to be converted into cleaning chemicals, alcohols, or combined with other materials to make an end product.

Heat Exchangers: For commercial distillers, it can be a very high-pace world. Equipment must be capable of withstanding the high volume and long run times required keeping production lines running 24 hours, 7 days a week at maximum capacity. For that, True Tech designs and manufactures heat exchangers for distilleries that can meet the structural demands.

True Tech Mechanical specializes in installing heat exchangers that are used throughout the commercial distillation process including high glow plate and frame heat exchangers, recovery and pre-heating. Unique maintenance plans for your process and equipment for all makes and models & technicians work directly with your team for optimal maintenance cycle and PPM to maximize uptime & minimize downtime.

Stainless Steel Process Tanks: To produce world-class spirits, dependable and durable  distillery process tanks are a wise investment, as housing both raw materials and end-goal material are the most vital areas of the piping process. Stainless steel process tanks, or distilling vessels are essential to the distilling process and are used to hold a variety of materials, some which are highly corrosive. True Tech Mechanical offers insulated stainless steel tanks for all types of distilling tanks.

While this commercial distilling equipment is not meant for the home users, keep at it. We’ll keep designing and installing the process piping & distilling materials that keep your distillery making the spirits you look to for spirit!


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