Hydronic System Services

Hydronic Systems for the Wasatch Front

The snow and ice melting system provides a simple, weather responsive, economic and fully automatic solution for snow melt. Our hydronic systems circulate warm water through PEX tubing buried in the ground. This makes the worry and inconvenience of snow and ice removal a thing of winters past!


Commercial: Store and office entrances, exterior truck docking areas, and walkways.

Hospital: Emergency entrances, walkways, steps, wheelchair ramps, parking lots, and ambulance spots.

Municipal: Streets, sidewalks, steps, parking garage entrance/exit ramps and upper decks, airport runways, parking lots, and wheelchair ramps.

Residential: Driveways, sidewalks, steps, pool decks and wheelchair ramps.


Hydronic snow and ice melting systems circulate warmed through cross-linked pipe installed within outdoor surfaces, melting and evaporating snow or ice before it accumulates.

Electronic Controls Knows the Weather: Controls continually monitor data provided by outdoor sensors and ready the system to begin melting as needed.

Automatic, Energy Conscious Features: The controls ensure the most efficient use of energy by calculating the precise temperature the fluid must be heated to in order to cause melting. The system automatically shuts off when the surface is dry.

Designed to Handle Conditions Specific to Your Area: We will work with you and help you design a system with output capacity geared to the specific conditions in your geographic area.


Snow and ice Melt systems help lower maintenance cost and reduce the liability associated with slippery walk-ways. Damage to concrete and asphalt is reduced or eliminated. Damage to building entrance ways is also eliminated since no water, salt or ice melt chemicals are tracked in.


Increases Safety and Reduces Liability Exposure – Snow and ice melting systems eliminate snow and ice build-up, increasing the safety of surfaces where people walk and drive.

Provides Convenience, Control – The automated convenience of a snow and ice melting system eliminates the hassle of coordinating snow removal, long hours and the risk of worker injury.

Offers Cost Savings – A well-designed snow and ice melting system is often less expensive to operate than hiring motorized snow removal equipment. It also eliminates the damage to surfaces caused by equipment and chemicals as well as the wear and tear from salt and water being tracked inside.

Minimizes Environmental Impact – Carbon emissions from snow removal equipment and runoff contaminated with salt and chemicals directly impact the environment. By installing a hydronic snow and ice melting system, you eliminate these in addition to preserving the life of landscaping, which is often damaged by the weight of snowbanks.

At True Tech Mechanical, we understand that every Utah hydronic system issue is different from the next, as we offer the highest quality comprehensive service to each client in the most efficient solution. We take great pride and have created a reputation of providing honest, reliable customer service to complement our high-quality products and installation throughout the communities of Layton, Ogden, Bountiful to Salt Lake City and throughout Utah!



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