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If you own a business in the Northern Utah area, commercial water heater repair and maintenance with True Tech is an effective way to ensure dependable performance for the life of your system. Routine maintenance for any style of water heater is an easy way to ensure that your water heater will provide enough hot water any time you are running a plumbing appliance.

When you schedule a maintenance visit, our technicians will do the following:

  • Remove sediment in tank water heaters.

  • Inspect the unit for damages, corrosion, or leaks.

  • Test the thermometer and the efficiency levels.

  • Make any needed repairs or adjustments.

  • Locating the water shut off valve, pressure release valve, and water drain

  • Refilling the tank


  • Check the enclosure for paper or dust and get them removed as soon as possible.

  • The pilot light should be extinguished before anything inflammable is used near the water heaters.

  • Check the water heaters for any cracks or breaks that could enable deadly gas leaks.

  • Always Arrange for Regular Maintenance to for gas leaks or broken heating elements, as well as checking on all the various safety systems.

  • Install an automatic gas shut off valve which will decrease the gas flow if there is a movement in the ground, such as tremors or earthquakes.

We service, repair and install commercial water heaters in all of Northern Utah with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and have excellent references from respected businesses throughout the Wasatch Front region.